Why Should I Join?

    Rent2Buy is a car-sharing platform that allows people to rent, share and sell cars. On the site, you can share cars with the option to buy. You should join Rent2Buy if you love driving great cars, at great rates! Sign up on Rent2Buy and you'll be enjoying the perks of being a member of the Rent2Buy car-sharing community in no time!

    If you're a car owner:

    Instead of letting your car sit idle while you're not using it, share your car during its downtime! Not only will you benefit someone in your community looking to borrow a car, but you'll get paid while doing it. Our consumer pool includes people looking to sell their cars as well as those looking to lend out and borrow cars from people in their area.

    If you're looking to borrow:

    If you need to rent a car, why not borrow from someone in your community who is willing and eager to share? The Rent2Buy car-sharing platform allows users to form mutually beneficial relationships.

    If you're looking to sell/buy:

    Looking to sell your car? Why not lend it out to the guy down the block who's shopping around for a new sedan? Peer-to-peer car-sharing allows sellers to connect with potential buyers in a way that is both easy and convenient. Share the car you're looking to sell so that potential buyers can try it before they buy it! For users looking to buy a car, borrowing on Rent2Buy allows you to try out different types of vehicles from people right in your community. Love one of the cars you borrow? Make an offer and it could be yours.