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    Pre-Rental Checklist for Renters

    Download Pre-Rental Checklist & Checkout Form

    Please ensure all items on this checklist are marked as done before, during and after your Vehicle Usage Period. This is to ensure that both you and the Vehicle Owner have a positive experience and is for your safety and protection. These items should be completed AFTER you have a final reservation confirmation on your Vehicle.

    • Call the Vehicle Owner to setup a time and place to meet as soon as the reservation is confirmed online.
    • Save the Vehicle Owner phone number and the Rent2buy number in your phone (973-620-9933). Keep your phone on you at all times during the rental if we need to get in touch with you.
    • Print out a copy of this document to take with you.
    • Always keep your drivers license on you at all times and present it to the Vehicle Owner when picking up the Vehicle.
    • Be punctual and polite. Arrive a few minutes early at the time/place agreed upon. There is a $50/hour late fee after the first 30 minutes.
    • Carefully fill out the Vehicle Inspection sheet (below). Remember, no existing damage is too small to note.
    • Check what grade of fuel goes in the Vehicle. Most luxury Vehicles require Octane-91 (Premium) fuel.
    • Is the Vehicle a manual transmission? Are you very comfortable and experienced with manual transmissions? If not, please donʼt take the Vehicle.
    • Go over important instrumentation in the Vehicle with the Vehicle Owner (lights, gear changes, gauges, parking brakes, emergency lights, other Vehicle settings).
    • Switch the Vehicle on. Ensure it doesnʼt have any warning lights on. If it does, ask what they are. If there are warning lights on, you can decline to take the Vehicle and get a full refund.
    • You will need to drive around the block with the Vehicle Owner. This is your opportunity to get a feel for the Vehicle and ask questions if anything is unclear.
    • Agree on the time/place when you will return the Vehicle with the Vehicle Owner.
    • Clean up, re-fuel and tidy the Vehicle before returning.


    1. Treat the Vehicle well. Your security deposit will be charged for any damage or misuse of the Vehicle. Accidents go on your driving record. You are responsible for the $2500 insurance deductible if anything happens to the Vehicle while in your possession.
    2. No racing, speeding, or track use. Most of our Vehicles have GPS locks and we can remotely shut down the Vehicle if illegal activity is suspected.
    3. If you require a return time extension please coordinate directly with the Vehicle Owner.
    4. Be punctual. There is a $50/hour late fee after the first 30 minutes.