Pre-Rental Checklist for Vehicle Owners

    Download Pre-Rental Checklist & Checkout Formt

    Please ensure all items on this checklist are marked as done before, during and after your rental. This is to ensure that both you and the Member have a positive experience and is for your safety and protection. These items should be completed AFTER you have a final reservation confirmation on your Vehicle.

    • Call the Member to coordinate a time and place. We recommend a nearby public place (such as a coffee shop).
    • Save the Memberʼs phone number and Rent2buyʼs number (973-620-9933) in your phone. Keep your phone handy during the rental in case we need to get in touch with you.
    • Ensure the Vehicle is in good mechanical condition and has been serviced regularly.
    • Remove all personal items from the Vehicle, including items such as documents, iPod, CDs, items in trunk etc.
    • Vehicle should be reasonably tidy and clean before your Vehicleʼs Usage Period.
    • Leave a copy of the Rent2buy Insurance packet in the Vehicle. This is the envelope that was sent to you and includes proof of insurance.
    • Print out a copy of this document and have it with you when meeting the Member.
    • Be punctual. There is a $50/hour late fee after the first 30 mins.
    • See the Memberʼs driver license and verify this is the same person who booked your Vehicle online - verify the name and the picture.
    • Fill out the Vehicle Inspection Sheet (see below). Remember, no existing damage is too small to note.
    • Switch the Vehicle on. Ensure no warning lights are on.
    • Demonstrate the different controls in the Vehicle (lights, gear, parking, navigation, other settings).
    • Tell the Member what grade of fuel to put in the Vehicle.
    • Have the Member drive around the block while you sit in the passenger seat. Make sure he/she is comfortable driving the Vehicle and operating all necessary controls. DO NOT give out your Vehicle if the Member is unable to drive your Vehicle correctly (for example, cannot operate a manual transmission properly).
    • Give the Member 1 set of keys. Keep the spare set at home.
    • Agree on a time/place for the return.
    • Upon return, check Vehicle condition for any extra damage. Compare to Vehicle Inspection Sheet. If there is damage, report it to Rent2buy within 24 hours. Photos would be beneficial.
    • Check mileage and ensure Member has not driven more than the limit. If he/she has, report it to Rent2buy within 24 hours.