Insurance Information

    About our Insurance Provider

    Our Custom Insurance policy is provided by a National Insurance Company that has been in operation for over 60 years and is rated A++ by accredited rating agencies. We believe they have the sound financials, stability and expertise to provide insurance coverage for our members.

    Details of Insurance Coverage

    Collision 100% of value up to $75,000
    Comprehensive 100% of value up to $75,000
    Liability Equal to the greater of: (a) limits carried by the car owner, or (b) three times the state minimum, up to a maximum of $1 million
    Uninsured/Underinsured $100,000 combined single limit
    Compliance Compliant with California Bill AB-1871 on personal car sharing
    Deductible $2500 Insurance Deductible. Paid for by Renter

    About the Policy

    Rent2buy ("we" or "Rent2buy") provides auto insurance to cover renters and vehicles that meet our membership eligibility requirements. Coverage applies for the duration of each rental, from start to finish, and includes both liability and comprehensive collision coverage.

    While you are renting out your car, or renting someone else's car, our insurance policy becomes the primary coverage for the duration of the rental. This means that in the unlikely event that there is an accident, our policy provides coverage before your existing individual insurance policy. We provide both Liability and Comprehensive Collision coverage.

    Liability Coverage

    We provide coverage that is fully compliant with California Bill AB-1871 on personal car sharing. We provide limits equal to the greater of: (a) those maintained by the car owner in their personal auto insurance policy, or (b) three times the state minimum, up to a maximum of $1 million. The policy includes coverage for personal injury or property damage arising out of a covered accident.

    Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

    We provide comprehensive and collision coverage to protect the owner's vehicle in the event of an accident. This covers damage caused by theft, fire, vandalism, certain weather damage, and any damage to the vehicle in the event of a covered collision accident up to the actual cash value of the vehicle.

    Uninsured and Underinsured (UI/UM) Coverage

    We provide coverage that is fully compliant with California Bill AB-1871 on personal car sharing. We provide limits equal to those maintained by the car owner in their personal auto insurance policy. In the event that the car owner has no UI/UM coverage, Rent2buy will provide coverage with limits of $100,000 combined single limit. This coverage does not apply to states with no-fault insurance.


    In the event of an accident or insurance claim where the renter is at fault, the renter is required to pay a physical damage insurance deductible of $2,500 to Rent2buy. This is not the responsibility of the owner.


    Rent2buy is a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace. While we provide insurance similar to a personal auto policy, our policy has some unique exclusions specific to our model:

    Wear and Tear

    We provide insurance to owners for damage to their car by a renter. We do not insure for normal wear and tear. The car owner is responsible for normal car upkeep as all cars experience reasonable wear and tear with usage. In the event of excessive wear or damage caused by abuse or neglect, the renter is subject to penalties up to the limits of the insurance deductible outlined above. For more information, see our support forum. These are guidelines only and all claims are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

    Mechanical Damage

    Normal mechanical problems with your car, such as but not limited to drivetrain failure, suspension struts or stereo/navigation damage, that may occur during normal use of your car are not covered under our insurance policy. Unless there is documented evidence (as noted in the check-in/check-out sheets) that the damage was caused specifically by the renter due to misuse of the car, mechanical problems and repairs are not covered by our insurance provider. Rent2buy may provide courtesy towing for your car to the nearest repair center, but the car owner will be responsible for repairs.

    Personal Belongings

    We do not insure personal belongings left in the car. These include tapes, records, discs or other similar audio, visual or data electronic devices, or any speed measuring equipment within the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the owner and renter to ensure they remove any personal belongings from the car before and after each rental.

    No Permissive Drivers

    We provide insurance for our members only who are permitted drivers of a rented vehicle. As per Rent2buy's Terms of Service, Rent2buy cars may only to be operated by the renter of the car.

    Personal Usage Only

    We provide insurance to cover cars rented for personal use only. We do not insure cars rented for commercial purposes, organized racing, or stunting activity.

    Reporting a Claim

    Car owners and Renters have up to 24 hours, or 1 business day in the case of weekends, after the end of their previous rental period after the vehicle has been returned to report a claim of any damage, accident or other harm caused. Please contact us on the toll-free number listed on our website to report a claim or email us. For emergencies involving accidents or bodily injury, please call 911 first.

    Additional Terms and Exclusions

    As with any personal auto insurance policy, additional insurance terms, limitations, and exclusions apply. For a full statement of insurance including all terms, limitations, and exclusions, please contact us.