Am I Eligible to Join?

    To be eligible for membership, renters and vehicles must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    Renters Eligibility

    Age 18 years or older
    Licensing A valid US or Canadian driver's license. Other licenses require special approval
    Moving Violations No more than 2 moving violations in the last 3 years (running a stop sign, red light, speeding etc.)
    Accidents No accident during the last 3 years
    Alcohol/Drugs No alcohol or drug-related violations in the last 5 years
    Security Deposit Depending on your driving record, car requested, and past rental history with us, you may be subject to a security deposit at the time of rental.

    * Renters under the age of 30 may have a horse power limitation

    Rent2Buy will verify driving records using an MVR check for all Renters and reserves the right to deny membership if you do not meet these criteria. (Note: An MVR is a Motor Vehicle Report, and may include information including history of substance abuse, repeated traffic violations, failures to appear, unpaid fines, etc.)

    Vehicle Eligibility

    Model Year Vehicles made or produced in the year 2000 or newer are eligible
    Type Private passenger vehicle or SUV with at least 4 wheels
    Current Value Current cash value (or replacement value) of the vehicle must be less than $75,000. Note that current cash value will be less than the retail value of the vehicle. Special approval is required for vehicles above this limit.
    Maintenance The vehicle must be properly maintained, and manufacturer-recommended services must have been performed on a regular basis.
    Horsepower There are no maximum horsepower or other performance restrictions for vehicles. However, renters under the age of 30 may not be eligible to rent vehicles with higher horse power.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.